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Data protection regulations and terms of usage:

Data protection regulations 
The majority of the website of Emil Frey Classics AG may be used without having to provide any personal data. Usually, any personal information collected in this website (e.g. name, postal address, e-mail address) is entered on a voluntary basis, and used solely to assist you personally as well as to send you product information or to save or modify offers. None of this information will be forwarded to third parties without your prior consent.

Emil Frey Classics AG herbey points out that the transmission of data over the Internet (e.g. while communicating by e-mail) may be subject to security gaps. We cannot guarantee a complete protection of data from third parties acces.

It is explicitly forbidden for third parties to use any of the personal data disclosed within the duty to publish imprint, for the purpose of transmitting unsolicited advertising material and other information. The website provider explicitly reserves the right to take legal action in the event any unsolicited advertising material is sent (e.g. spam mails).

Terms of usage:

Content liability
The contents of this website have been compiled with utmost care. Emil Frey Classics AG, however, may not guarantee for their accuracy, integrity and up-to-dateness. The general legal obligation to remove or block information is not affected hereby. However, liability arises from the moment a clear violation of law is acknowledged. Emil Frey Classics AG shall immediately remove any illegal contents they become aware of.

Unless otherwise specified, all texts, images and other kinds of information published on this website are subject to the copyright ownership of Emil Frey Classics AG, Safenwil. It is explicitly forbidden to copy, distribute, save, transmit, reproduce or transfer any contents for commercial purposes without the written consent of Emil Frey Classics AG

External links 
These web pages contain links to websites of third parties ("external links"). The contents thereof lie beyond the sphere of influence of Emil Frey Classics AG, who therefore assume no responsibility thereof. The providers of operators of those external websites are responsible for their contents. The legitimacy of all external websites was verified when they were linked, and no illicit contents were then identified. Without any concrete evidence of a breach of law, it is unreasonable to expect that linked pages be constantly subject to verification. Should Emil Frey Classics AG become aware of a breach of law, they shall immediately remove the links concerned.

Technical notice
Some of the products shown in this website are unique items or special custom-made items and sometimes contain special accessories. Displayed colors may differ from the original. All design features, technologies, configurations, deadlines, information and prices are subject to change.

Emil Frey Classics AG reserves the right to amend these provisions at any time. The version currently in force is available online and my be printed from the website.


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