Special Services

Performance measurement on the car (Insoric Real Power)



alsave ODT – innovative fire extinguishing system for classic and vintage cars

alsave ODT is a fire extinguishing system which automatically and without electrical power successful detect and extinguishes fire in the engine bay, even by cars in storage. We are pleased to inform you more about the system and installation in your car. (www.alsave.ch)




EZ Power Steering/Electrical power steering

We install the electrical power steering in your car in our workshop. The steering is mounted hidden under the dashboard. This steering is maintenance-free and will be fixed with the orgininal bracket. Thereby a removal to the original steering is no problem.




Repair of Aston Martin Lagonda Vacuum Fluorescent Displays





Vehicle Care done by Specialist 

Cleaning, care and repair of interiors of vehicles.

Thanks to the latest technology, today we can remedy conditions they required a few years ago a complete re-covering.

  • remove from jeans coloring on bright leather seats
  • leather and synthetic leather coloring for upholstery
  • repair holes and ruptures in dash board
  • complete interior cleaning
  • neutralise odour (nicotine, pets...), remove mould fungus (Allergy)
  • desinfection of air conditioning




High Tech Nano lacquer Cleaning and Sealing

You put value on a cultivated, exterior appearance of your car? You have enough of microscores, holograms and washing streaks? You want clean and maintained rims without burned brake dust?

Then you've come to the right place! We bring your vehicle to a shining you have never experienced it. You will be excited!

The advantages:

• Disturbing streaks, microscores and holograms are removed
• The lacquer is cleaned pore-deep before sealing
• A unique deep brilliancy appears
• The lacquer feels smoothly and sleek
• Water trickles down like on a Lotus blossom
• Dirt clings much less on the car and can be removed more easily
• Brake dust cannot burn in itself any more in your rims
• You increase definitively the value of your car

We maintain your individual car but also take care of whole collections and prepare your cars for exhibitions.

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